The Kiwi Institute of Training & Education (KITE) is a NZQA registered tertiary education provider. At KITE, we take pride in the quest of the provision of high-quality education to our main stakeholders, you – our students. The elements necessary towards this endeavor are our well qualified and experienced academic team, the conducive and warm study environment and the caring support staff. We are well equipped with these key factors and we are confident in making your learning experience, both enjoyable and memorable, and without a doubt, taking you to achieve newer heights.

Educational growth and development have another facet which KITE encourages. At KITE, a number of non-academic activities are organized and held annually. As our international and domestic students come from culturally diverse backgrounds, these functions enrich and add colors to our students and assist in assimilation to the diversity of New Zealand.

The outcome of these efforts of KITE, inevitably, are knowledgeable and wholesome students, who are able to move forward more confidently in pursuit of their aspirations, dreams, and goals. KITE is most certainly happy and proud to be part of that achievement!