Our Mission

Learning a foreign language can be an integral part of an individual, economic and social future. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest teaching standards and levels of pastoral care for our students to help them achieve their individual goals and prepare them for a promising future.

Our Vision

We are here to teach English, but this is not our only goal. People coming from different countries bridge culture gaps, and our aim is to promote this intercultural understanding and help to make the world a better place.


Academic Staff

Aspiring Language Institute’s academic staff are all experienced, well-qualified and have a passion to teach. Some of them have taught English overseas so they have a strong knowledge of international students’ needs.

Office Staff / Marketing Staff

Our office staff are very friendly and have experience as international students themselves. Therefore, we understand how new students feel when they first arrive in Auckland. We speak different languages between us, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. We are all here to help you so please don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions.


We encourage all our staff and students to follow our caring for environment policy. Our policy states:

  • Caring for the local and global environment is carried out at the Institute through daily routine aimed at minimizing resource and through informed purchasing decisions.
  • Recycling paper, glass, and plastic containers, cardboard.
  • Using washable cups, plates and cutlery instead of disposable ones.
  • Reusing one-sided A4 paper as much as possible (for most documents not destined outside)
  • Supporting suppliers and manufactures who endorse sustainable and Eco-friendly policies.