Institutions have their advantages and strengths – as a student, it is important that you choose an Institute that best fits your needs.

When you drop in, you will notice a lively and well reputed Institute whose students and staff are pulled from throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

These factors influence in making AGI a well-liked institution in New Zealand making competition for places intense and the standard of applications extraordinary.

We wish you success in your application and in your studies!


AGI is established as one of the leading Institutions offering Diploma in Healthcare and IT Programmes. Our passion for excellence in education ensures that students get a lively, ground-breaking and motivating learning environment.

Our career-focused Programmes are taught by a distinguished staff, committed to your academic success.

Each of our programmes is designed by leading experts in the field who are fully aware of the skills needed in the jobs market and each programme is developed to optimally meet current and emerging trends.

AGI Management, staff, and students share a strong bond, enhanced by regular social activities, which all contribute to the strong sense of identity which is so characteristic of the Institute. We are One AGI.